Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry

Meet the team of Sattvik Council of India

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry

As a leading certification body, we understand your development needs, creating training programmes to align with and meet your strategic objectives. We excel at delivering training as an enterprise-wide solution – across multiple departments, sites and regions – using a blended mix of courses and delivery methods.

Parul Maurya
(Research Analyst & Training Associate)

Sattvik is not just a symbol of food purity but also a symbol of lifestyle. Living among people who follow Sattvik norms and following them myself has made me a better version of myself. The challenges and opportunities along the way are ample which we as a team must conquer. I feel blessed to be part of Sattvik”

Viturv Pathak

Sattvik Certifications is a unification of a strong talent pool, seasoned industry experts and world-class infrastructure to build high-impact analysis in Vegetarian/Vegan Food and lifestyle.


Annu Kadyan
(Research Analyst & Lead Auditor )


Our pillars

Vagish Pathak


Abhishek Biswas

Secretary General
Sattvik Council of India
& Founder Sattvik Certifications
Abhishek Biswas Sattvik: Founder of Vegetarian and vegan certification