Our Services

Multi-dimensional platform

of vegetarian compliance

To create a safe and hygienic environment in terms of food and food safety for the Vegetarian society of the nation and around the world by creating standards that are developed on sound scientific and hard core vedic ancient principles

Generating Employment

To create the dispensable income for the students, as with high rise of unemployment in past few years and especially during pandemic situation which has affected every walk of life, especially the youth of our nation which has been affected adversely, Sattvik council of India provide the opportunity to all the students out there to generate their basic dispensable income by certifying themselves into various Sattvik council programs.


Creating Job

Creating new job opportunities, Sattvik Council of India is a multi-dimensional platform and has capabilities to provide opportunities in the following domains:

  • food Safety Auditor
  • TOT’s (Trainer of trainers)
  • Marketing

to society

Vegetarian society contributes a largest sector in India and always under a doubtful situation of whether the product they are consuming are PURE VEG or not, even the Green logo comes with a benefit of doubt, The Sattvik Council of India want to bring a vegetarian revolution where the consumers from vegetarian society should not have any second thought while consuming any product in terms of Food safety & Quality.